Vemma Bode Review

This is a full-blown Vemma Bode Review.

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According to the company – Vemma, Bode is a healthy weight loss solution featuring results-oriented products to help you achieve your weight management goal, without sacrificing wellness. It also helps curb your appetite, increase your energy and restore your body with nutritional support. It also comes with an iPhone and Andriod app as a personal trainer and alert system.

What does the Vemma Bode include?

Vemma Bode Burn: A lightly carbonated beverage (Similar to their other product, Verve) that has the core Vemma formula – Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Anti-oxidant and Xanthone-rich Mangosteen and Glyconutrient-rich Aloe Vera as well as organic green tea. Vemma Bode Burn keeps your body in high gear by enhancing its burn potential, curbing your appetite, increasing your energy and delivering the nutritional support you need.

Vemma Bode Burn concentrate: It is perfect for people on the go or travelling. It contains a 3oz concentrated noncarbonated made convenient for you so you can stay on track to a slimmer you. It has the same ingredient combination and benefits as Bode Burn, but it simply add a 5 oz or more of cold, purified water for a healthy weight solution that keep your body in high gear.

Vemma Bode Burn zero caffeine concentrate: This is for people who are caffeine-sensitive. It consist of a 3oz concentrate noncarbonated that has the same ingredient combination as Bode Burn (minus the caffeine). So if you are looking for a non-caffeine healthy weight lost solution, Vemma Bode Burin is the one.

Vemma Bode Cleanse concentrate: It is a gentle, yet effective healthy weight solution that prepares your body for a transformation by removing the impurities weighing you down. How you can use it is to mixed it with 12 fl oz or more of water and it helps support liver and digestive function, cleanse impurities at the cellular level and nourish your body for overall health.

Vemma Bode Rest concentrate: While you are resting or sleeping, your body is doing wonderful job and Bode Rest feeds your body with the same weight loss blend of ingredients that included in Bode Burn zero caffeine, along with key nutrients known to prepare your body for rest, enhance your body’s nightly restorative processes and nourish your body for overall health. How to use: Simply mix the 3 fl oz noncarbonated concentrate with 5 fl oz or more of cold, purified water.

Keep in mind that the above Vemma Bode Range of Products, are liquid nutritional supplements in juice form to give your body the maximum absorption.

On top of the range of Vemma Bode Product:

It comes with app and texting support. As we know, weight loss although is a personal challenge, but getting there alone sometimes is a lonely journey. Why not get a buddy to motivate, inspired and cheer you on?

So one of the most innovative things about the new Vemma Bod-e system is their text support and food cycling system created by Personal Trainer, Chris Powell, author of “Choose to Lose” and star of “Extreme Makeover: WeightLoss Edition”.

If you pruchase Vemma Bode Products, you will receive daily emails and texts throughout the day to remind them of what they should be eating to stay on the proper food cycle and balance of nutrition.

This is not only a clever way to stay motivated and also a cost-effective way to get a slimmer you because you need not a personal trainer by your side.

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